Managed Investment Schemes - Non Correlated Capital

Managed Investment Schemes

“We are experienced fund managers who assist boutique managers with the setup and operation of successful managed fund businesses through the provision of cost-effective, turn-key wholesale MIS services.”


  • Regulatory and licensing responsibility
  • Liaison, setup, lodgings, maintenance of records, reviews,
  • Regulatory and licensing, compliance, ATO, APRA, ASIC, etc.
  • Diligence, monitoring and coordination of 3rd party service providers
  • NAV calculation, account reconciliation, reporting, performance and management fees
  • Onboarding unit holders, reporting, redeeming, issuing units, maintaining register
  • KYC/AML/CTF, Wholesale/QEP checks
  • Coordinating accountants and auditors
  • EOY financial statements, fund bookkeeping and lodgments, distributions.
  • Compliance planning, resourcing, policies, procedures, updates
  • Quarterly compliance review and meeting
  • Issue managmenet and resolution, preparation and liason for audits, reporting
  • CPD platform and AR monitoring
  • Liaise and manage bank accounts, brokerage accounts / custodians
  • Perform account transaction instructions, transfers etc.
  • Maintenance of regulatory capital requirements.
  • Assisting with application and client processing
  • General fund enquires and portfolio communications
  • Organizing unitholder meetings
  • NCC capital introduction network
  • Potential allocation from NCC group of Fund managers
  • Assistance with marketing plans and presentation documentation.
  • Organising presentations and meetings.
  • Governance – investment committee , trade and portfolio policies, and trade reconciliation
  • Trade execution and risk management
  • Asset and portfolio management.
  • Portfolio, strategy and financial model creation and implementation
  • Internal and external performance reporting – CLICK HERE TO VIEW EXAMPLE


Cost-effective and efficient strategic partners
  • Scalable internal systems for compliance, financial, performance and regulatory reporting, custody, and admin
  • Fee structure options that enable the fund manager and NCC to grow together.
  • Group purchasing – potential discounts
Turn-key solution, fast to market, lower barriers to entry
  • A turn-key solution, no waiting for ASIC approval
  • Provision of key documents (IMA, AMA, Compliance Plan, IM), lower related cost
  • Higher group purchasing power for potential greater discounts
Relief from administrative burden
  • Liaison and administration of compliance (ASIC), Tax and Legal, Regulatory and Financial reports and audits
  • Diligence and appointment of service providers
  • Setting up bank accounts, performing transfers, paying invoices, maintaining relevant records, sign-off on financial statements and tax returns, investor sign-up, issue resolution and reporting
Safety & Flexibility
  • No excessive lock-in contracts
  • Group level Professional Indemnity (“PI”) Insurance
Higher Standards, Global Access
  • Licensed in Australia with ASIC and U.S.A with the CFTC and SEC
  • Capability and experience with managed accounts in U.S. and globally.
Risk & Investment Expertise
  • Committee representation with respect to fund and investment management, compliance and risk management.
  • On call experienced fund specialists,