Capital Introductions - Non Correlated Capital

Capital Introductions

Non Correlated Capital assists middle market companies and new projects (staffed by seasoned professional teams), to access capital via debt or equity in the private securities market.

The private securities landscape is expanding rapidly and consolidating, thanks to the benefits gained from distributed networks and new issuance platforms.

A significant alternative to the public capital markets now exists, for companies that want to remain private, while reducing compliance and auditing costs.

$5 million to $1 billion in all industries/geographies

An ever-growing, intelligent database system works to match companies with investor appetite; however, our process is both, data-driven, and relationship-based.

Our philosophy is that success is gained from combining an efficient process with the human touch. We always start by developing a deep understanding of the needs of our stakeholders.

Accessing a global network of experienced investment bankers, Non Correlated Capital leverages its own resources with trusted relationships within the key financial centres of the world.

Gain access to decision makers within private equity, venture capital, family offices, pension funds, foundations, endowments, sovereign wealth funds, hedge funds and lenders.

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