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Equity Tail Hedge (ETH)


Strategy Description ETH is a quantitative short-term momentum strategy seeking to profit from extreme intraday movements in E-mini S&P 500 futures (the futures contract for the S&P 500 equity index). The strategy is fully systematic and automated with an intraday stop loss of 1.0% of the ES contracts market value.
Benefits Long term positive statistical expectancy with negative downside correlation to the S&P 500 index.
Investment Manager QTS Capital Management LLC
Structure Managed Account
Management Fees 1% management fee
Performance Fees 20% performance fee
Minimum Investment $200,000
Liquidity Daily
Expected Return 10%
Expected Volatility 12%
Correlation to MSCI World -0.3

Portfolio Manager


Cumulative Monthly Returns

Risk & Return

Rolling Correlations (12 month)

Performance Notes:
The funds monthly performance indicates actual returns net of fees (0% management fee and 25% performance fee). The performance is a composite of managed account returns that is published in accordance with National Futures Association (NFA) requirements. Performance is lodged with the NFA for auditing purposes.

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