Management - Non Correlated Capital


The management team oversees trade execution, portfolio and strategy construction, investment and operational risk management. The team also works closely with strategy advisers who aside from having PhD backgrounds in computer science, engineering or mathematics, have extensive experience in the science of trading, investment and portfolio construction.


Managing Director

Troy has more than 15 years investment and fund management experience, including management of hedge funds and multi-strategy funds. Troy is a co-founder and focuses on all facets of NCC operations, and is the portfolio manager for the Alternative Diversification Fund. Troy has raised and managed over 150 million dollars for NCC and, engaged and serviced over 100 high-net-worth clients ranging from private individuals to institutions. A civil engineer by training, Troy’s educational qualification include an MBA and Masters of Applied Finance.


Private Placement & Digital Securities Specialist

Kevin has more than 20 years investment and fund management experience with extensive experience in Fixed Income, Equity trading, Derivatives, Commodities, Foreign Exchange, Digital Assets and Property. Kevin is a co-founder and the responsible manager for the AFSL. His focus is on compliance and risk management, as well as running NCC’s global equity strategy. Educated in applied finance, Kevin received the Dux of Victoria and the National Subject Prize Winner “Derivatives – Applying theory to practice”


​Financial Officer

Sue has 35 years’ experience in running businesses, as well as 20 years as a consultant and database systems developer. Sue focuses on NCC’s back office, database systems, and coordination with the MIS platform 3rd parties.  Her educational qualifications includes a PhD in Business Information Technology, MBA and Bachelor of Science.


Fund Operations Manager

Ben has more than 20 years of business experience and 5 years of fund and digital asset experience. He oversees fund operations and assist funds with strategic planning, operations and modelling. Ben is also a co-founder and managing director for the Digital Capital Management which is the investment manager for the Digital Fund. Ben has held roles as Financial Controller, Acting CFO and Company Secretary for an ASX Listed Company. Ben is a former Chartered Accountant and holds a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Business Law).


Quantitative Analyst

Joel is a Quantitative Analyst responsible for the analytics software, operations, marketing, strategy execution, providing reports to the committee and day to day operations of NCC. Previously, Joel worked for TacticalAI Fund, a multi-strategy quantitative hedge fund, and has five years of investment and finance experience. He holds a Master of Science (MSc) in Quantitative Finance and a Master of Applied Finance.